Easy installation in only 9 steps

First you need to turn off both the hot and cold water in your apartment. This is important so that you do not get wet during installation! After the water is turned off, it's best to turn on the shower faucet once and move the lever in both directions to drain any remaining water.
Now loosen the two large nuts directly behind the mixer tap with a pipe wrench or a suitable wrench by turning them counterclockwise. It is best to loosen each side gradually by 1-2 turns so that the threads do not jam. Shortly before the end of the thread, you must hold the mixer well so that it does not fall off.
When the mixer tap is unscrewed, you can simply screw in the supplied extension piece on the hot water side. Make sure that the gasket (3mm thick) is inserted in the extension. Screw the adapter tight, but not too tight. After tight comes off and then you have a problem in the wall.
On the cold water side, you screw in the special adapter. A seal must also be inserted here, but in this case there are several to choose from. We supply several gaskets so that you can adjust the angle of the outlet openings via the gasket. Start with the 3mm gasket and see in which direction the openings point when you tighten the adapter. If they do not point downwards, you can improve the angle by using the thinner gaskets. It should be in such a way that you can lay the hoses nicely.
If both adapters fit well, the mixer tap can be mounted again. The union nuts are normally fitted with seals. If these are old or unsuitable, we have also supplied you with 2 new 3mm seals. You also tighten the two nuts well again.
Now you can put the heat exchanger into the protective cover and place it in the shower. The connections must point upwards and if possible they should be under the cold water adapter.
In the last step, you only have to connect one connection of the heat exchanger with one connection of the adapter. The direction does not matter. You should only make sure that you lay the hoses nicely. It is best if they run parallel, so that you can attach them to the wall with the supplied adhesive holders.
If you now turn the water back on, everything should be tight. If not, you have either screwed on a connection too tightly or too loosely. Then you have to start again at step 3 or 4, depending on where it is dripping.
From now on, have fun with your Warmduscher!

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