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Special adapter in set
6. September 2020
Warmduscher Set
11. January 2021

Heat exchanger only (4kW) – Shower water heat exchanger


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: ca. 3-4 Werktage

Here you get the shower water heat exchanger of our “Warmduscher” without attachments and without bamboo plateau.

Attention: Here you still have to do pioneer work and integrate the heat exchanger into your energy saving system to save energy! The bamboo plateau is not included with price. If you would like to buy the warmer as a set, look here.


Here you get only the shower water heat exchanger, if you want to build yourself a solution to stand on it.

Mostly customers buy this product if they want to make a custom solution for their shower (e.g. for an outdoor shower or similar).

To run the cold water through the heat exchanger after the mixer tap, you still need the special adapters we developed.

Technical data:
– 4 kW (average energy transmission in real operation)
– Tested according to DVGW and DIN 806-2
– Loadable up to 120kg


Width: 555mm
Depth: 455mm
Height: 4 mm