Warmduscher for the bathtub

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The Warmduscher, also for the bathtub soon!

The Warmduschers recovers the energy from your
wastewater before it ends in the drain and adds it to the fresh cold water.
Now less water is needed to heat your water.

The set will include everything you need to install the
Warmduscher in the bathtub.
When showering in the bathtub, the Warmduscher will have similar efficiency
as the version for the shower, when bathing heat recovery is not usefull,
it would cool down the water your sitting in.
However, we generally recommend that you let the water
in the tub until its cooled down completely before pulling the plug.
This way, the residual heat at least ends up in your home instead of going down the drain!
Especially in winter, this saves heating costs.

With our included special adapter,
you will be able to install the Warmduscher in your bathtub within a few minutes.
It is important that you have a standard surface-mounted mixer tap in your bathtub,
so that you can use our 3/4 inch special adapter. Heat exchanger,
hose and plateau are included in the set so you can start right away.
The exact dimensions of the hot shower for bathtub and small showers will follow soon.

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