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Save up to 40% energy,
by looking at
a heat exchanger.

Heat recovery for retrofitting.
Installed in 10 min. Efficiency 37.6%

9 min shower time - 300 showers - standard shower head
Average savings per person/year:

Electricity: ~100€
Gas: ~60€
Oil: ~50€


  • The special adapter redirects the cold water in front of the mixer tap to the heat exchanger, which is located on the floor of the shower.
  • The cold fresh water runs through the heat exchanger. The warm shower water hits the heat exchanger and preheats the cold water by 10-14°.
  • The preheated cold water is fed back into the mixer tap.
  • Since the cold water is now 10-14° warmer, less hot water needs to be mixed to get to the desired shower temperature.
  • This way, less water needs to be heated and you save energy and money.

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Efficient heat recovery. Independently certified.

statistic efficiency: 37.6%

The University of Innsbruck has tested our heat exchanger under certified framework conditions.
Check out the certificate here.

Test now 30 days free of charge at your home:

Built in is the hot shower
- without prior knowledge - in only 10 minutes.

Test now 30 days free of charge at your home:

The Warmduscher can be installed in just 10 minutes - without any prior knowledge.

Test now 30 days free of charge at your home:

The Warmduschercan be installed in just 10 minutes - without any prior knowledge.

Learn more about the Warmduscher.
The five most frequently asked questions.

How does the hot shower save energy?
The Warmduscher head takes advantage of a simple fact: The warm water that comes out of your shower head - after it has flowed down your body - usually still has a remaining temperature of 35°C. We use this heat by artificially extending the fresh water supply to warm up the cold water. Of course, waste water and fresh water do not come into contact. With this simple but ingenious move we can save up to 40% energy!

The Warmduscher can be installed in your bathroom in no time at all, in just 10 minutes - without any structural changes or a craftsman. You will receive all the necessary materials in the set and our instructions will guide you step by step through the installation. What are you waiting for? Start now with the Warm Shower and save energy - and money!

You need more information or have difficulties to understand the principle of operation? No problem! Just write to us at:
How much money im saving with the Warmduscher?
The Warmduscher benefits two things - the environment & your wallet.

It is important to us to find long-term solutions to minimize the impact on our natural environment. The Warmduscher is our contribution to this! It saves up to 40% of valuable energy when showering or heating water, thus directly doing something good for the environment. Moreover, it is a product that will accompany you for many years, permanently saving energy.

Of course, this also benefits your wallet in the short and long term - depending on the type of water heating and people in the household, you will of course save different amounts of money. On our site you will find a savings calculator. Why don't you see what the hot shower can save you?

How easily does the cleaning work?
Cleaning the hot shower is really simple. In the set we supply a wooden brush with which the hot shower can then be easily brushed off. If a detergent wants to be used, we recommend simply a mixture of water and citric acid. For scratches in the wood, the sanding fleece is then used with light pressure.

For people with long hair, it is recommended - regardless of the use of a hot shower head - to comb through the hair once before showering in order to lose as little hair as possible in the shower. Not only does this help keep the hot shower clean, but it also helps reduce drain clogging.

On the backward edge of the hot shower there are two extra rubber feet for the purpose of easy cleaning of the shower enclosure. This allows it to be easily placed upright and cleaned without having to lift it each time.

In order to be able to clean the shower cabin thoroughly from time to time, our hot shower can also be "dismantled" for a short time. The Warmduscher has a shut-off valve, which is used in this case. Briefly release the pressure, disconnect the hoses and the shower cubicle is free. The hoses can then simply be attached to the adapter as a loop, allowing you to use the shower spray as usual.
How do I install the Warmduscher?
The installation of the Warmduscher original is really simple and instructions and our installation video. accompany you through all steps. So even as a layman you can install your hot shower in about 10 minutes independently.

Our installation version for home builders should be carried out by a qualified professional such as a gas & water engineer. water installer* must be carried out.

If you are unsure about the installation - even of the original Warmduscher - we will gladly refer you to a specialist company in your region. Installation takes a few minutes and, accordingly, should not cost much.
When will I have saved the manufacturing energy again?
To compensate for the spent energy that we need in manufacturing for pressing, welding, milling, etc. to packaging and shipping, you need to shower about 4h.
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