Produced in our manufactory

With many small hand movements & a lot of love, your "Warmduschers" are made in our workshop in Hanover.
We place special emphasis on high-quality materials & a durable product.

For you. For the environment. For the future.

Starting with an idea, leading to an ready-to-sell product…

…has been a long way. 

But it was worth it!

Many drawings, plans, measurements, prototypes and thousands of thoughts later, we can now present you a product that we are very proud of. A product that brings joy without compromise and above all stands up for the good cause. In order to really do something about climate change, that is exactly what is needed. Well thought products that are working long-term & efficiently for the environment.

After only

4 h

the manufacturing energy is saved again.

This is possible because we already pay attention to very low energy consumption during production.
And this is our green entrance to our workshop.

Hanover Linden-Limmer

Support your Locals

The "Warmduscher" crew.

The assembled team in front of our factory in Linden.

In the background, our "little" curiosity: The only fully electric VW LT31E in Germany.

Converted by ourselves.

We hope you enjoy saving energy!