Warmduscher minimalist

Showering never felt so good.
For you. For the environment. For your wallet.

The "Warmduscher" creates what we all wish for.
It effortlessly and incidentally saves energy and protects the environment.
At the same time, it noticeably enhances your shower experience with its high-quality materials.
Take a warm shower, feel good and without a guilty conscience!


Der Warmduscher schafft das,
was wir uns alle wünschen.

Er spart ohne Mühe und ganz nebenbei
Energie und schützt die Umwelt.

Dabei wertet er dein Duscherlebnis
mit seinem warmen Bambus spürbar auf.

Warm duschen, wohlfühlen und das
ganz ohne schlechtes Gewissen!

Warmduscher - minimalist …

  • … casually saves energy, money and CO2
  • … is cheaper than its big brother, Warmduscher original, due to a cheaper plateau made of recycled plastic
  • … gives a secure stand and a good feeling on the feet
  • … is made of high quality durable materials
  • … is made in our manufactory in Hanover, DE
  • … is very easy to clean and maintenance free

The retrofittable Warmduscher needs only three requirements in your shower:

Your shower fullfills all three points? Your ready to install the Warmduscher!

In your shower, the minimalist might then look like this:

Heat recovery ... Installed in 10 minutes?
Exactly. Very simple!

  • 1.turn off the water

  • 2.unscrew the mixing tab

  • 3.tighten the special adapter

  • 4.tighten mixing tab

  • 5.put protection mat & heat exchanger
    in the shower

  • 6.connect hoses

  • recycling plateau onto the heat exchanger

  • 8.turn water on again

  • donesave from now on

How much much money and energy can you save?

Check here!

How does it work?

The hot water that your used for showering still has a temperature of 35°C when it runs down the drain.

The Warmduscher the use remaining heat by to preheat the fresh cold water, that runs through a heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger managest to heat the water by 10-14°. Das kalte Frischwasser hat jetzt eine Temperatur von 20-24°C anstatt 8-10°C.

So now the mixing tab need less hot water to get to your usual shower temperature. Which saves energy.


Warmduscher - minimalist.
Protects the world. Saves your money.



Save up to 40 %

of energy from going down the drain

Du möchtest testen,
ob der Warmduscher bei dir passt?

Beachte: in beiden Tools ist unsere Premium Variante der Warmduscher Original mit Bambusplateau zu sehen. Der Minimalist ist etwas kleiner als das Original. Die Tools zeigen also zuverlässig, ob der Warmduscher bei dir passt.

Sollte das Original nicht passen,
passt der Minimalist vielleicht trotzdem in deine Dusche.

Er benötigt eine ebene Grundfläche von 560x490mm.
Wenn du unsicher bist, helfen wir dir gern weiter!

Simply save and enjoy with every shower ...
Get your Warmduscher now!

We will be very happy to help you with any questions you may have!