Warmduscher ground level

Taking a warm shower has never felt so good.
For you. The World. And your wallet.

The Warmduscher ground level creates what we all want.

It creates an incredibly beautiful shower experience with its high-quality bamboo plateau.

As the shower of the future, it is barrier-free and saves energy through heat recovery.

without active use energy.

Take a warm shower, feel good and without a guilty conscience!

The Warmduscher can do it,
what we all wish for.

He saves without effort and quite incidentally
energy and protects the environment.

In doing so, it enhances your shower experience
with its warm bamboo noticeably up.

Take a warm shower, feel good and enjoy the
completely without a guilty conscience!

The Warmduscher ground level

  • ... besides continuously saves energy, money & CO2
  • ... gives a secure footing and a nice feeling on the feet
  • ... is made of high quality, extremely durable materials.
  • ... is manufactured in our factory in Hannover
  • ... is very easy to clean and maintenance-free

The fixed shower heater needs only two requirements in your shower:

Redevelopment or new construction

The ground level is firmly installed in the ground. Optimally in the course of a renovation or a new bathroom.

Level surface in the shower

The Warmduscher for fixed barrier-free installation requires an area of at least 710 x 780mm.

Both conditions met? Perfect!

Warmduscher ground level can enrich your bathroom.

In your shower, the ground level might look like this:

Heat recovery ... Saves up to 40% energy by the way?

Exactly. Very simple!

How it all works:

The hot water that has run off your body in the shower usually has a residual temperature of 35°C.

We use this heat by artificially extending the water supply to preheat the fresh cold water.

So now you need less hot water to get to your usual shower temperature.

From now on you save up to 40% energy & therefore a lot of money &CO2

The Warmduscher ground level.
Protect the world. Saves your money.

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